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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Puff Pastry with Ham and Cheese

(spin off of Ina's)
1 box puff pastry
1 Egg
Ham of your choice (recipe called for black forest but the Virginia Ham was half the price)
Sliced Cheese (recipe called for gurere I think. I used smoked gouda... again, half the price and was very tasty. I had Jason use our slicer and slice the cheese thin)

Defrost puff pastry. Roll out 1 sheet so it is around .25 inch thick and in the shape of a rectangle. Layer ham and cheese on bottom layer of puff pastry. I think I did a layer of ham, then cheese, then ham again since the ham was sliced deli thin. You want to leave a lip around the puff pastry though so the second later has something to stick to. Roll out second puff pastry till it's around the same size as first. Make an egg wash using the egg and a table spoon of water. Using a brush, brush on the egg mixture around the edges of the puff pastry. Put second layer on top. Cut long lines on top so the air can escape while cooking. Brush whole top with egg wash and bake at 450 degrees for 20-25 min.

This recipe is SOOOO VERSAITLE. You could really use any ol' lunch meat and cheese combo. They were very tasty. The original recipe called for mustard, I skipped it. Not everyone in my family is a fan of mustard. I think this would be so tasty made after thanksgiving with leftover turkey. I'm thinking a layer of apple butter, turkey, and some brie cheese.... YUMMY fall flavors that are TO. DIE. FOR. GOOD!

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