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Sunday, April 25, 2010

freezable spaghetti

1) Make spaghetti noodles.
2) Cook a pound of ground beef with some garlic and onion flakes. (I usually do this in the microwave).
3) Add a jar of your favorite tomato sauce to meat and stir. Add to noodles. Stir.
4) In a big casserole dish, pour everything in. Cover with cheese.
5) Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes to melt cheese.
6) Serve for dinner.
7) Let the rest cool down. Then cut into meal-sized portions.
8) You can either freeze them individually or you can put them on a cookie sheet and freeze them and then pile them all in a Ziploc.
9) Alternatively, starting from #3---spoon spaghetti into muffin tins. Freeze. Put in hot water for just a sec to get them out of the tins and then pile into Ziploc for storage.

When you want to eat it, heat it up in the microwave. Sometimes you need to add just a splash of water to moisten things. We kinda like the drier spaghetti.

So, not a recipe. More like a process. You can add veggies to the spaghetti, too, if you are trying to be sneaky with the veggies.

We freeze lots of things (Mac N Cheese, Sloppy Joes/Manwhich, Chili) in muffin tins to form little hockey pucks of food for quick warm-up. Also freeze leftover chicken/beef/pork in broth to add to soup and noodles and rice.


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